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Meet Our Breeder

Nancy Wallace (aka GrandmaChemDawg)

"I believe every grower can grow award winning flower with good genetics and sound advice."

Nancy Wallace (aka GrandmaChemDawg) has over 30 years of experience growing indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse in over a dozen states. She has been conscientiously and organically breeding and reproducing cannabis cultivars for over 10 years. Nancy is always eager to answer any questions, so please don't hesitate to send her or any of us a message. We put the CAN in cannabis! You too CAN grow these amazing cultivars. We are dedicated to helping each one of you succeed.

Breeder Questions
  • Oklahoma Cup

    Best Flower

    3rd Place in State

    Sour Stomper by Mephisto

    Best Grower

    Nancy Wallace

  • 2021 Autoflower Cup

    Best Auto Flower

    3rd Place in Nation

    Titanic 3 Bears OG

    Created by Castio Farms

  • Herbage Magazine Awards

    Living Soil Grown

    Top Activist


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With over 30 years experience we bring you our own organically grown versions of unique, popular, and rare non feminized genetics with the added assurance of selection based on the most up to date plant science, along with resistance to molds, pests, and diseases. We are happy to help you select the best genetics for your location and grow style. Our team is dedicated to customer service and support all the way through your growing experience.

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