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Castio Genetics

Castio Elephant Parade

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70% Sativa / 30% Indica

Type of High:

Elephant Parade induces strong cerebral euphoria. Uplifts
mood, energizes body and mind. Boosts creativity, giggles, and chattiness.
Improves appetite, may prompt arousal. Alleviates stress and depression.


Elephant is an old-school bud with a lineage lost to time. This
strain supposedly acquired its name for the elephant-sized colas it creates
during its flowering cycle. The chunky flowers express a sweet and sour aroma
that is reminiscent of candy and citrus while also retaining a subtle spiciness.
Elephant has a strong cerebral buzz that immediately strikes the head and
settles behind the eyes. It’ll also get you talking and stimulate your creative
side. Enjoy Elephant throughout the day to ignite appetite, spark creativity, and
enhance all manner of physical activity